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  2. Choose your package,
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Start promoting your business with us now

Welcome to the Clubbing Connection’s Clubbers’ Guide. Whether you’re a club owner, staff member or a club goer, we’ve got your back. As your new source of next generation virtual entertainment, you get reviews of the hottest clubs, profile pages to promote brand to thousands of residents, invitations to RL/SL promotional events and more.


No one works harder and gets less for it, than venue owners, their staff (DJ’s Hosts, Managers etc.) and Live Performers. Thousands of residents are entertained but very few help cover the expenses most take for granted. However, in the Clubbing Connection you become part of a coalition of SL Club’s, Concert Venues, DJ’s Live performers along with goods and service providers creating an inworld circuit to advertise and test market new content for paying RL and SL companies.

We are now ready to duplicate in SL what we are doing in RL with our SL group partners benefiting like our RL do from working with us. If you have been selected by us or nominated by someone, then join now and thank us later as you become a part of CCN and all the benefits that come with being a part of something bigger than yourself.

This entertainment network was started for the following reasons:

  1. To unite selected businesses in SL to assist one another with anti griefing, traffic needs, tech support, staffing needs, building needs, land needs and even tier assistance if approved for that help.
  2. To offer SL residents better entertainment, shopping, land options, customer service and interaction with one another.
  3. To have a powerful voice because we are so many that the Lindens and everyone else has to take our united requests and our suggestions very seriously.
  4. To serve as the connection between the 1st life companies, entertainers and service providers that my company works with in RL and the millions of consumers using virtual worlds to shop, build, and spend hours of their time in. All these clients want the same thing but lack the in world, contacts, experience and creativity to promote and test market on their own here. Being a part of this type of liaison creates a tremendous money-making opportunity for us all.


  1. Access to a large network of fellow entertainment business owners and service providers helping other CCN members when needed. Get the things you want and the work done you need but for less because of your membership.
  2. Networking with other like-minded business owners to develop new and innovative joint projects that would never have existed just working on your own.
  3. CLUB HOPPING: Club Hopping is where CCN groups made up of staff and members go from club to club tping in guests, tipping, buying from the malls this helping traffic and earnings.


The Basic Membership

After Joining the in-world group as a VIP, give us a note card containing the following:

  1. Your LM (Venue Landmark)
  2. Your full perm logo texture for our billboards around the grid.
  3. A short synopsis about the club or the one in your charter will do.

Then send all that over to Scorpinosis Nightfire in Second Life so we can add you to the group to send event notices and promote in group chat.

The Plus Membership:

Upgrade your status to Clubbing Connection PLUS now, so your club can START growing as part of a marketing network. In CCN PLUS your club can receive the following benefits:

  • Profit Sharing from Clients wanting CCN to promote their brands as Rewards Partners
  • Exposure for your club on iMoogi Radio (with CCN VIP member rates)
  • Exposure for your club in Nu Vibez Magazine (with CCN VIP member rates)
  • Traffic Support from our Teams who bring guests to your venue
  • Staff compensation from our teams who tip during events we attend
  • Staff support when available, to cover last minute cancellations by your current staff


Pre-sale Questions