Interview with SilkenSydney of Tiki Island

Tiki Island is a sexy fun filled adult playground just waiting for you to pop in. The Sim’s owner, Silkensydney, has invested lots of time and real world funds to create something unique and engaging. Upon meeting Silkensydney (for this interview) it was clear that her attention to decorative beauty is not limited to Tiki Island’s layout but is also visible in her personal fashion sense as well.

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CCN: Thank you for taking this time to sit down with us

SS: Thank you for having me. It’s my pleasure to be here.

CCN: One of the first things I, and the rest of the crew, noticed was just how many things you have for guests and VIP’s to do here. Why offer so much diversity when most places just say “hey we have an adult rating now, guests you go and find something to do”?

SS: After a hard day, people don’t want to think anymore or “look” for entertainment. They want to be taken care of and so I offer the best service I can.

CCN: Is it true that Tiki started as a virtual extension of your 1st life business?  And, what has it become since your original concept?

SS: yes…I was hoping to merge my RL Phone Sex site with SL but, I find the cross over too hard monetarily.  Instead, I have found that Ladies here now come to me for work in RL and, now and then we do get a client from SL, to the RL business.

CCN: What most club and recreational sim owners agree on, is that residents in SL don’t want to financially support anything even if they enjoy it. Has that been your experience as well and if it has, why do you think that is:

SS: Yes, very much so. I feel that people are used to feeling entitled because they have an account. What they need to understand is someone is paying for those places they like, and if they don’t support them through donations, they will disappear eventually…no matter how nice a place it is.

CCN: More people are saying that the entertainment industry has the responsibility to shift the popular SL view from “residents deserve free entertainment”, to “residents supporting entertainment they agree is worth paying for”. Do you agree and how do you change an ideal that has become an entitlement?

SS: People need to get back to thinking in RL currency. L$500 is $2.00 USD and that’s a cup of coffee for a membership to most places on SL. If you like going to a place for dancing…drop L$100 in the donation bin or buy the membership to show you like what the sim owner is doing. Do not just figure someone else will do it.

CCN: In addition to some very nice builds, there are exotic and romantic landscaping locales. Can you tell us what some of these builds and locations are?

SS: I have created the “secret” places on Tiki. The hidden cave behind the waterfalls, the crash site along a trail, tree houses, under the ocean, and lots of hot cuddle spots all over the island. There is a teleport on the pier to take you to our sky platforms too.

CCN: We have noticed since your commercial was shot and debuted for TIKI Island that some other sims seem to be trying to copy your formula for success. How does that make you feel and what do you say to those sims and people going to them?

SS: Double edge sword there. On one hand its frustrating, in that I want to be different and then end up copied. On the other hand…I must be doing something right if others wish to duplicate my efforts. To people visiting other places all I can say is, be sure to support them with your donations and come to Tiki Island and see what we have to offer.

CCN: Finally, what does the future hold next for Tiki Island and all the people looking for something exciting to do in their SL experience?

SS: There are new discussions going on about future changes and improvements. Change is important to keep people coming back over and over so they can always have a great experience. Keeping that in mind, do not leave your SL experience up to others. It’s YOUR SL…grab hold and make it happen to the best you can. And when you are ready to relax, come to Tiki and let us take over for you.

CCN: Thank you so much for talking to us today and showing us this awesome SIM.

SS: Thank you so much for visiting Tiki and taking time to talk to me.