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Step back in time and visit this classic 50s diner. Here you’ll find rock’n’roll dance balls a wicked Cadillac-inspired sofa and more!

Welcome to Burrow Coffee Co. a humble little cafe where anyone and everyone is welcome. Grab a cup of coffee and meet up with friends and loved ones in this cozy and eclectic little coffeehouse. Check out the game room attic filled with a variety of…

Chicago Empire Burlesque is possibly the best live show in Second Life. Come see 1920’s-style burlesque every Saturday night at 7:30. They’re a bit naughty so come see a real show with wonderful sets live music and dancing beyond belief.

Faith’s Music Cafe is where the music never stops. They play all sorts of music — from classic rock to Top 40 hits.

F R A G M E N T is a chill box where you can relax and hangout in Second Life. Located in Flux Sur Mer this spot features a speakeasy cafe gallery lounge and more. To enter touch the sign and join the group upon arrival.

JezeBelles SpeakEasy and Burlesque is home to The JezeBelles Dancers. The Belles perform at venues all over SL but this is where you’ll find the premiere of their shows. Home to live music dancing theater and comedy.

Misty Mountain Retreat & Cafe is a serene hangout with hidden pleasures. Enjoy the piano music (always on) and come relax and have a cup of tea (or coffee!) on your own or with a loved one.

The Autumn Cafe has year-round autumn scenic views that evoke a rustic feel. This is the perfect place for couples or anyone can just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. There’s also a discussion area for respectful conversation.

Experience live music from top Second Life musicians at the Lemon Rock a place to hang out and chill for fun nightlife and live music entertainment.

Hey all you cats and kittens focus your audio on this: The Pen Bay City’s only beatnik hang-out is open! Grab a cup of java juice and jungle on up in this funky shack. Listen to beat greats and hang out awhile. They’re no red onion they&…

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