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If you believe a listing or member added resource on SLClubs.com violates our Terms of Service or infringes on your copyrights, please let us know using the form below. For copyright complaints, make sure that you have first tried to contact the blog owner directly and have given them sufficient time to reply. We ask for this because we find that the majority of copyright violations are a result of a misunderstanding of fair use in education. This method ensures that the educator or student in question can learn from their mistakes. Many blogs will have a contact page, contact information on a sidebar, or you can leave a comment on the page/post in question. 

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Once received, we will investigate your report to the best of our ability.  If we discover you are indeed correct, the appropriate actions to rectify the situation will be taken.  If we are unable to validate the issue, we may try to bring both parties together to work it out or nothing may be done at which time you are welcome to submit a new DMCA report with new information.  Abuse of this system will not be tolerated.

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